The Lottery

Oh mighty sun has come

and people gather around

waiting for an end and prayin’

an end will give them new life

This is how they grew up

but this is not how they

should live anymore

Just tell me when her heart stops

it’s too much for to see

tell me if I’m wrong

cause I may not know

If old wrong ways are thunder

and ignorance is lightning

this small town would be long on fire

cause they kill out of all of these

This is how they grew up

but this is not how they should live anymore

Just tell me when the murder’s over

it’s too much for me to see

tell me how I should speak up

I’ve got so much fear

So much fear


A Teacher’s Portrait


“The best thing about teaching is we mold, nurture and cultivate the child’s total personality from nothing to something and even everything of him. In teaching we teachers play critical roles in facilitating the achievement of total learning experiences of the child.” – Jane Putong

Mrs. Putong is a retired teacher since June 2013. She served as Master Teacher 1 in Rodriguez St. Elementary School and Master Teacher 2 in Pura V. Kalaw Elementary School that makes up her 42 years in service. More than anything in being a teacher, she’s most proud of being a journalism adviser for she believes she has helped mold the future deliverers of truth. Today, Mrs. Putong continues to teach, but this time she imparts the teachings of Jesus with the members of Handmaids of the Lord as a household leader/facilitator. Other than being a teacher, Mrs. Putong is known for her elegance and love for white.

“The challenge in teaching is to make the students: problem solvers, cooperative workers, self starters, information managers, flexible thinkers and effective questioners. But when you achieve it, it’s all worth it.” – Jane Putong


Hi guys! I recently had an unforgettable experience. A good friend of mine was an intern in the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) last summer. FDCP was the organizer of the World Premieres Film Festival Philippines, dubbed as the major international film festival on the rise in Asia. It features indie Filipino films and foreign films. And yeah, that friend of mine, Joanna, invited us, The PLM Film Society Officers, to volunteer as photographers/videographers in the said film fest. Without second thoughts, we immediately agreed to it. We wouldn’t miss it for anything.


The whole experience felt unreal. The festival ran from June 24-July 7 and we covered different events like press conferences, festival opening night, gala nights and an awards night. If you are a film enthusiast you should experience this at least once in your life and here’s why:

1. You get to meet different filmmakers from local to international. Plus you get insights from them about making films! During the Filipino New Cinema Category press conference and the Main Competition Category press conference the directors just talked about their films and I observed that there are really two kinds of directors, those who can embody their work and those who cannot. By the way, press conference foods are really delicious!





2. Some random person in the industry could just casually give you his calling card. Well there’s this Actor/Professional Photographer named Don Gordon Bell, who invited us to his shoots and he said he could teach us professional photography! By the way he seems to be pretty famous to the people in the industry. Some Taiwanese actors actually asked to take a picture with him!


This is our first photo taken by Don Gordon Bell.


That’s Don at the right being awesome.

3. You discover a lot more about films especially its history! I didn’t know that Insiang, a film by Lino Brocka, was the first film to enter the prestigious Cannes Film Festival and how it got there until I attended a special screening of the film in the opening night of the WPFF. It was discovered by a member of the selection committee of Cannes, Pierre Rissient (who was present at the screening). He saw the film here in the Philippines and got impressed; he then recommended it to the Cannes’ festival committee.


4. More about film education through a Film Expo! I was referring to the International Film Expo 2015. IFX is not part of WPFF but still it was under FDCP and yes we volunteered there and it happened at the same time with the film fest. It was held at SMX convention center. There were workshops about TV ad directing, animation, and current issues in the Philippine film industry! The room was filled with film equipment, service providers, film school representatives and many more film related stuff. It was my haven!




Joanna and I riding on a camera crane.

5. You feel amazed just by being surrounded by totally elite people. This was more like a fan girl perk. Of course it’s a film festival, it’s about films and films have famous actors and actresses. You get all sparkly eyed as you take a picture of Mercedes Cabral, Althea Vega or your other Indie Film heroes as they walk down the red carpet. There were also foreign artists since WPFF features international films, and yes they look godly!




6. Free magazines about films! That explains it all.


7. Most especially…… passes to Gala Nights! That means I get to watch the featured films in the festival for free! An Kubo sa Kawayanan and I Love You, Thank You was the best among all I’ve seen.



_MG_0613 These are photos from the An Kubo sa Kawayanan Gala Night.

8. You get to feel passion. In my case I became so passionate about covering every moment of the festival. There’s some joy in photographing people who come together in order to celebrate and support films.


Me, getting all sweaty as I take a video of this amazingly tall woman.

So yeah! I don’t know if FDCP will still look for volunteers next year (I’m quite sure they will though) or which other film festival looks for volunteers, but I think there is because film festivals really need manpower. Whatever it is, there’s no harm in trying. Anyway, if you love films that much like me, you’ll surely find a way.




(Photos in this article are from me and Joanna Reyes)