Hey Jude

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One Tuesday night, Jude was walking on his way home with his bag full of dirty clothes. He has not been home for three days and with the mere sight of their house door, Jude’s knees start to feel weak. Before he entered their house, he stopped for a while to take a look at the figure of a man sitting inside. It was Jude’s father, John. Jude thought that his father looks so calm on this particular view but Jude already knew that it would not be the case anymore as soon as he opens the door.

Jude took one last deep breath as he finally enters inside. As soon as his mother, Cynthia, saw him, she immediately hugged Jude. Jude returned the embrace and slowly turned to his father. Right then, Jude knew the look of death with his father’s gaze.

“Where the hell did you came from this…

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