To You Who Could’ve Been My Friend



I’m sorry it has to come to this point where I needed to write everything I did not say and post it somewhere you may possibly never see. I’m sorry I did not try to catch up to you after that nice walk after school where you talked about Harry Potter with me. I’m sorry that I only like your posts and never comment and gush about it that could have end up to a chat. I’m sorry I pretended that I did not care every time you took notice of my posts on the other hand. I’m sorry I only tried to get to know you in a virtual world that both of us could’ve cross beyond.

I’m sorry that I did not show how much I wanted to be your friend. You’re smart, hippy and you appreciate people. I like what you like and imagine the conversations and emotions that could’ve existed and that could’ve brought us to another world if I just had the courage to tell you that. I’m sorry I was intimidated by you. I never looked at you directly when you talk to me. I’m sorry I pretended that I did not see. I’m sorry I did not say hi when you passed by. I’m sorry I never complimented how you dress when you really nail it at times. I’m sorry I only let you borrow books a few times and never even asked what you think about it afterwards. I’m sorry I tried to skip watching that movie when I heard that you were going at the same time.

I’m sorry I always felt like I needed to compete with you. I’m sorry that I did not say that I try to do well in everything I do because I want you to compliment me every time. I’m sorry I seemed like I was always on the run when you’re there. I’m sorry I never calmed down and just stayed for a while. I’m sorry we never had adventures together. I’m sorry we were never Harry and Hermione, Charlie and Sam, Sherlock and Watson, Patrick and Pete, Han and Chewy, or Sam and Frodo.

I’m sorry I was afraid we could have gone beyond. I’m sorry I misjudged. I’m sorry I was scared of what we could have been. I’m sorry I only imagined this friendship. I’m sorry that we could’ve been great but we never were. I’m sorry I think that it is too late and I never want to make up for it anymore. I’m sorry I’m giving up before even starting. I’m sorry for finally putting an end to a non-existing beginning.

I’m sorry I say sorry too much. I never wanted to do anything that will make me say “sorry.” You don’t know how much I hate it whenever I had to say it. But for you and for the first and last time, I’ll say it.

I’m sorry, to you, who could’ve been my friend.


Alone in the House and a Few Pre-Graduation Thoughts

My friends only like to talk about two things right now:

  1. The past
  2. And the future

Do you remember that time during the first days of college when you have a different set of friends but then some backstabbing and I-don’t-like-what-they’re-doing moments happened and you jumped to another clique? Or that time when your team has beaten all teams in this class and they all envied you and your friends? We like talking about proud moments like that, don’t we? Then we start liking and commenting on old and usually embarrassing photos of our friends so that it’ll show up to other people’s feed and suddenly everyone turns it into a bandwagon!

You see, I have more time now to scroll down on my Twitter or Facebook home and everyone is in a nostalgic state about the past. We all love that “good sad” feeling, don’t we? Yeah it’s great. No matter if it’s a good or bad memory, we like looking back at it because of this relief and somehow proud feeling that we all went through it now. We’ve done it! Like how you’ve survived thesis with all that small and petty arguments or even that unexpected nod from the panelists. What’s important is it’s done!

As your thought finishes at that word, “done,” you now shift to the things “to be done” next. The things to do in the future! You start thinking and planning on looking for a job or applying for SSS, Phil health and other requirements of being an “adult.” Yes, they say you’re an adult the moment you get your diploma. You’re supposed to take care of yourself and plan for your future now. Then you look at the more exciting part where you can do things on your own like maybe traveling. You start enumerating the places you’d go to like, “Before 30, I should have gone to Korea, Japan, Macau, Australia or France.” Or maybe start pursuing that passion of yours that you’ve set aside because mama told you to finish a “good” course in college first. But hey guess what? JUST SLOW DOWN. If there’s anything I’d like to talk or think about right now, is exactly what’s in front of me, the “present” I’ve got right now.

I did not expect to have a perspective like this just as graduation looms. I always thought that I’d be all about who I was and who I will be. Academic stuff are all officially done now and I’m just literally waiting for the graduation day. Some of my classmates are fretting about getting a job they like and I did so too for two or three positions but it all asked me to officially graduate first before they even decide if they’ll get me. So I’ve decided I’ll take advantage of this time when I could just have fun and catch up to some TV shows. I guessed that there’s no rush. These days are like my reward for four years of stress and hard work and a re-charging moment before I go on to a gazillion years of, again—-stress and hard work. It’s a moment for me to give attention to what I have right now and not for getting nostalgic about what I used to have and or worry about what I will have.

I’m actually having a great time. One thing about doing nothing and worrying about nothing is that it makes you more observant and appreciative of even the tiniest things around you which used to be drowned by the “bigger things.” Before, I did not understand what it’s really like to stay at home all day and wait until your family gets home at night but now as I experience it, the sound of the gate clicking as someone comes home becomes a pure pleasure to me. Then there’s their pure joy when they smell cooking after a tiring day.

I’ve also become so concerned about the daily maintenance of the house. As I stare at it all day, I appreciated how it became my protection and sanctuary for many years and I’ve decided it also deserves a reward. I tended to it like never before. I gave our room a new look and it feels so refreshing like it’s ready for my new life. I also water the plants on the surroundings and talked to them often these days. I swear they look so happy like as if they missed seeing me water them. I’ve been so caught up with enjoying the bigger world out there that I did not even notice that there’s a new Calamansi tree just along the pathway towards the entrance of our house. It’s full of big and fresh Calamansi and I didn’t even know that we don’t buy Calamansi anymore because of that tree. I personally picked its fruits and thanked it silently.

I’ve been assessing relationships lately as well. I realized you’ll know if a person will stay in your life even after graduation if you’re able to talk to them even if there’s no school involved anymore. I’ve decided who among them are around just because they were required to do things with me and of course those who’ll make an effort to do something…just anything…maybe they’ll message you and invite you to something…you know…. because they really plan to stick around for a really long time. Those are two different kinds of people. I know that now.

As I deal with these little things I discovered a lot about myself. I never realized how I love little things now that I have more time for them like the music playing from our neighbor or that good view of the village from our rooftop. Now I realize that I like the idea of giving importance to the little things in the stories that I write as well. Some of the other things I discovered about myself these past few days are:

  • I love the idea of creating stories for children and watching films for children triggered that.
  • I prefer classic books than young adult novels. Thank God I read The Great Gatsby a few days ago.
  • I’m single because I love Leonardo DiCaprio so much. No explanation needed.
  • I love songs about finding one self, therefore, I conclude that I’m still lost. I’m creating a playlist for that right now.
  • I’m not so much of a “friends” person (does that makes sense?) because I don’t feel nostalgic at all about not being with them on a daily basis anymore. I’ve been thinking about that lately I swear.

I have a lot more discoveries about myself that I’d rather not share anymore; too personal as I may say. You see, my point here is before you could move on from the past and prepare for the future, you should take advantage of the in between stage, the breathing stage, where you could find yourself again. Sufficient knowledge and understanding of one’s self could be your best tool in facing the world around you.

This is an important phase in your life and it is ending now, as you go on to the next phase, re-discover the essence of your spark. Do it in every major changes in your life. Never forget to re-discover the essence of your spark.

Sleepless ‘Til Midnight

Getting ready for World Poetry Day on March 21! Here’s to warming up!


I have known a true gentleman

Who lives a block away from our house

He has such lovely habits

That keeps me awake at night

On Wednesdays he stands

On his balcony at night

Listening to a song

Dancing with a tulip on his hand

His wrinkles double

When he evokes a smile

Midnight comes, lights walk out

He falls asleep somehow

On Saturdays he sits

On his balcony at night

Raining a barrel of tears

On a frame with a lady inside

He speaks of his day, now she’s for real

A kiss at midnight

Through a wall of glass

Sends him to sleep somehow

And before September leaves

He goes out at night

Blending silence With an old hum

Here he comes, here she waits

Under a cold stone, under six feet of soil

He lies on the grass, just above her

He falls asleep thinking about her

For twenty of his eighty years

The bliss has doomed

The blues has risen

I saw it all, I see it now

I’ve never seen so much love

Alas! I almost cried

When yesterday midnight

I’ve seen him no more

He had truly fallen asleep

Just as I thought so.

10 Things I Learned from Watching Studio Ghibli Films

I have been watching a lot of Studio Ghibli films these past few days and there’s nothing that makes me happy and inspired right now but these works of art. If only I could make a time machine right now, I would go back to when I was younger and I would watch all these amazing films just in time of its release and not now in my early 20’s and when Ghibli already announced that they won’t make any feature films anymore (temporarily maybe). This halt in production was much influenced by the retirement of the legendary filmmaker and animator, Hayao Miyazaki who created the studio with Isao Takahata in 1985. Miyazaki is considered as the main driving force in the excellence of most Ghibli films and as an aspiring filmmaker myself, he’s creating a lot of influence on me right now. I may be late for a few years but Ghibli films are timeless and the beauty of the message of their films shall inspire the generations to come. So far, here’s what I’ve learned from watching these films.

1. Go beyond what’s ordinary

I think there’s no other film studio that has consistently proven to apply this statement better than Studio Ghibli (Yes I’m quite snobbing Disney, Pixar and other western studios here). They have always created something that people have never seen before. The name of their studio even supports this for Ghibli is an Italian noun that means a “new wind” and Miyazaki adopted this with the thought of “blowing a new wind to the anime industry.”

Unique creations on Ghibli films are best seen with their characters and story setting. They created creatures like No-Face and Soot Sprites in Spirited Away that definitely helped evoke emotion from the female protagonist, Chihiro. More examples are Catbus, a part cat and a part bus being in My Neighbour Totoro, and Robot Soldier from Castle in the Sky which is a mechanized robot of death and destruction that chose instead to be a guardian and a gardener of a floating city.

Moreover they created worlds that weren’t seen or explored much before like the kingdom of cats in the Cat Returns and the Spirit World where Chihiro’s parents were turned into pigs in Spirited Away. More than these creatures and worlds that Ghibli has created, they also established new trends in the cinema and animation industry that definitely broke stereotypes and these will be evident in everything I will write from here onwards. In going beyond what’s ordinary, Ghibli definitely introduced new perspectives to people.

2. A villain is not a requirement in films

Most Studio Ghibli films lack hero versus villain thing going on with their storylines. It’s more on the troubles of the protagonists with themselves, their environment, and yeah more on really the characters’ desires, nothing more. Miyazaki was actually quoted saying, “Making an evil creature that really has an empty space or a hole in his heart is very tragic and depressing and sad to draw, so I don’t like drawing them.” There you go. No to evil characters!

3. ‘Animation’ is not synonymous to ‘children’

Clearly, Studio Ghibli has made animated films for everyone and not for children only. Their films like Only Yesterday, The Wind Rises and Porco Rosso specifically target adults more than children and I would say they are of no less than the ones made for children. They are grounded with adult reality but at the same time there’s a magical feeling to it which makes the studio well-loved by all ages.

4. Hushed moments are often the best parts

Animated films in the western world are always known for their action-packed scenes and this is where Ghibli films are far different. Ghibli films invest on the silent interludes in which the characters are simply thinking or waiting and or just doing the ordinary small things that people actually do in real life. The scenes in which Jiro is just sitting and smoking a cigarette in The Wind Rises and or that peaceful scene where Chihiro is riding a train across the surface of a glassy lake and that other one in which Satsuki and Mei are just patiently waiting at a bus stop for their father in My Neighbour Totoro are scenes where the characters and the audience can just reflect on everything.  These are honestly the most beautiful scenes more on because we could relate on doing it ourselves on a regular basis.

5. Real love is way more than being touchy

Most of these films involve romance. Though more often it’s not the main or only focus of the film. But yes love here is shown more on the things you do for the person and less on the things you do with the person on a physical level. The simple things like Seiji reading all the books in the library for Shizuku in Whisper of the Heart and Jiro flying paper airplanes for Naoko in The Wind Rises or that moment in the Secret World of Arriety in which Shawn replaced Arriety’s kitchen with a new one are the scenes driven by deep affections. No unnecessary hugging or kissing but when the characters do, it surely is magical!

My favourite couples are Howl and Sophie along with Seiji and Shizuku!

6. Children take out all the emotions from you

The Guardian quoted Miyazaki saying “Well, yes. I believe that children’s souls are the inheritors of historical memory from previous generations. It’s just that as they grow older and experience the everyday world that memory sinks lower and lower. I feel I need to make a film that reaches down to that level. If I could do that I would die happy.”

Everyone has a soft spot for children and that’s what Ghibli films have proven with most of their protagonists being considered as generally young. They have the most heartfelt emotions, when they cry, we cry; when they laugh, we laugh; and when they love, it feels so real. They are also projected as a very important part of the society because they inherit the past while they live on to become the future. It’s a great wonder for me why the Philippine cinema don’t give much attention and importance to films about children. We need to explore more I guess.

7. Women can be badass film protagonists

Even before female leads became a trend now in the west, Ghibli has been long celebrating the power of women to kickass and generally just carry the whole film. The best example for this is Princess Mononoke in the same titled film. Besides, Ghibli’s female leads are far more complex than Disney princesses. They are three dimensional characters and they have goals far bigger than finding true love.  Shizuku dreams to be a writer. Arriety wants to find a home where her family can finally live safely, peacefully and with the ‘little people’ like them. San wants to save the forest spirits from the humans.


8. It introduced you to all things different in Japan

When I say Japan all I ever think before were the television animes and the mangas it was based from and of course their big contribution to the deaths in World War II. But Ghibli showed me a different way in looking at these things through their films. Now I know that anime can be different from animation. I really can’t explain it but you know it is animation when it’s Ghibli. The expressions of the characters are also different for in anime it’s more exaggerated while in Ghibli’s animation it’s much closer to what is in real life. In Grave of the Fireflies and partly in The Wind Rises, I was also enlightened about my view of the Japanese people during the World War II. I always thought that Japanese then was so evil and blinded. I failed to recognize that more than any other nation, they are (if not the most) one of the most that suffered. The atomic bombing was just really painful for them. And their children….. Oh God Grave of the Fireflies was just so painful to watch with children like Seita and Setsuko suffering from American air bombs.

9. Emotion as a principle is always better than logic

I watched an interview of Miyazaki where he said that as a child he would go with his father and watch western films and he remembered as he comes of out of the cinema he would always express that he did not understood what he just watched, but somehow it has always struck him when he can’t explain something. That thought is what provoked him to do The Wind Rises because at first he thought that some people especially children may not understand or appreciate aeronautics anymore but eventually he remembered himself as a child and eventually went to go with it. Ghibli films have always created and explored creatures and things that are new to us and we cannot understand but sometimes like Miyazaki, what we can’t explain interests us. Besides with these unique creations, Studio Ghibli have always invested more on evoking feelings from us rather than making us understand and this proves very effective with their box office successes.

With this argument, I remembered filmmakers in the Philippines complaining that big studios here won’t accept their concepts because they would say, “The Filipinos won’t get that.” I always hated this statement because first, they underestimate the capability of the Filipinos to understand and second is simply me thinking that Filipino films like what the Japanese do, should focus more on the emotional aspect rather than the logic.

10. It’s never too late to go back

I know that these films were not part of my childhood but somehow it always felt like it had. Something seems so familiar. Ghibli films are not for children only, it is very much for adult too for it makes us remember our childhood, how we have changed and how we can never feel the same happiness ever again. Yet, when we watch these Ghibli films, somehow, we are able to go back. It’s amazing what Ghibli does to us.

That’s it! Hope I didn’t bore you to death right there. If you love Studio Ghibli like me comment your thoughts below!

The Little Prince Film Thoughts

It was two years ago when I first saw the world of the Little Prince in book and last October 29 during the QCinema Film Festival, I re-entered his world through film with a higher expectation. Not only mine, but the eyes of the whole world are all set on this ambiguous adaptation of this well-loved book that’s why everyone hopes it would not disappoint.

I am happy to say it did not.


The Little Prince turned out to be a respectful and lovable re-imagination of its original source that beautifully uses two different animation techniques in a slow-paced storytelling. It may lack heart-pounding action that the usual animated films have today but it sure appeals to the whole family by effectively translating the life messages and values of Saint-Exupery’s story.

Published in 1943, The Little Prince was inspired by a real life air disaster involving the author in which his aircraft crashed in Sahara desert near the Nile Delta. From there he wrote a tale in which an airman meets an interesting young boy with blonde hair who claims to be from a distant asteroid (#B-612) before he fled away and reached different planets including earth.

Apparently, the film was not a direct adaptation of the book since the material was scarcely long enough to be a feature film. The filmmakers added a disneyfied storyline that weaves the story of The Little Prince. It involves a girl whose strictly monitored life meets a crazily-eccentric old man living next door. He then gives her pages from his notebook that tells the story of the Little Prince complete with Saint-Exupery’s drawings. A few more additional adventures involving the girl meeting the Little Prince made the film more interesting because it took emphasis on the story of the Little Prince and brought it to a closer level of understanding with its audience.

The distinction between the two worlds, the real world and the Little Prince’s world was presented very clearly. With the girl and the old man, the film makers used a big-eyed CG for the characters more like the modern manner of human animation; but when it comes to the story of the Little Prince it turns to a very beautiful rustling paper stop motion technique. I never imagined that the latter technique in animation could be very effective for a film like this. It added magic to whole thing.

It’s a good thing that the screenwriters did not write a contemporary storyline as endearing or as mythical as Saint Exupery’s tale because it gave the Little Prince’s story the chance to stand-out, well in the first place the film is titled the Little Prince so he should definitely shine the most. The story of the unnamed little girl served both as a thread that carefully weaved the story of the Little Prince and at the same time, a loudspeaker that amplified the tale’s true message and that is to never forget how it is to be a child again. Growing up is not wrong but always remembering the innocence of being a child, that simple and uncomplicated life, and most especially the joy of being one will help you become a better grown up. If you did not have a good childhood it’s okay cause it’s not too late to. You could always learn how to enjoy life through looking at children. This is your time to make up for those lost years.

Accompanied by Hans Zimmer and Richard Harvey’s beautiful scoring that brings dreamlike calmness, this film should be a good watch every night for children or for adults who want to relax.

More than being a good looking film, every adult and child should see this for the societal flaws it tries to present. It is not often that we see animated films for children that tackle adult issues in a …..well…..”cute” way; therefore we should go see one when it does. We need more films like this. But of course the credit goes all to Saint Exupery. Thank God he was lost in that desert. If not, I wonder if we’ll ever get to know that a Little Prince lives somewhere up there.


Bituin Walang Ningning The Musical

The Review (But You Could Barely Say It Is One)


To be clear, I am no expert in theater reviews and I only wrote a school play once and it’s not even a musical! I am just someone who has a friend with a free ticket to giveaway, and yes I did grab it cause who would not want to go to Resorts World Manila and say that you’re watching a musical play? And of course who hates musicals? Certainly not me! I love musicals, from Sound of Music to High School Musical, well those were films but hey, they were still musicals! So let’s see…….yes I have watched musical school plays like The Beauty and the Beast and Little Mermaid. As for professional musicals, I’ve got The Rak of Aegis to brag about (which I would say was fantastic), other than that, I have watched none.
So there was me all excited to finally watch a professional musical stage production once again and it is not just about some unknown story but a re-incarnation of a Filipino film classic, Bituing Walang Ningning. It is the film which holds the claim to the most quoted line in Philippine history which is, “You’re nothing but a second rate, trying hard, copy-cat!” *Famous splash of water*
I have to admit, I barely knew the film before watching the play. I knew that it starred Sharon Cuneta and Cherie Gil and that it has that famous bitch line and that it was made into a TV series which starred Sarah Geronimo and Angelica Dela Cruz on the leading roles.
To give you a brief on the story, Bituing Walang Ningning has a very familiar storyline in which a wide-eyed sampaguita vendor, Dorina Pineda is obsessed with a self-centered singer, Lavinia Arguelles. Then there’s this man Nico Escobar who serves as both Lavinia’s manager and boyfriend. He eventually discovers Dorina’s talent for singing and to give Lavinia a lesson and a competition, he raised Dorina into stardom. However, fate leads him into falling in love with Dorina and making the rivalry between the two women more complicated.
Then came Antoinette Taus as Lavinia with an opening plaza musical number. I certainly saw Taus as anti-protagonist ever since and the character suited her on a certain degree. Though I just felt like that Lavinia could have more star power feels when you watch her, which I did not see on Taus. It’s really hard to put up with a Cherie Gil iconic role. Dorina, on the other hand, was played by the new comer, Monica Cuenco. On that first time she sang the folk song, ‘Usahay,’ she already had set herself apart to be recognized as a star. I liked the fact that she is a fresh face, untried, and struggling to get used to a new world exactly like the role she portrays. That makes acting on this less unfamiliar and easier for her I suppose. Nevertheless, I see undeniable charm in her that actually quite resembles that of Sarah Geronimo at times or I don’t know maybe she’s trying to imitate Geronimo on purpose.
Mark Bautista as Nico Escobar is a perfect match I would say. There were just some times in which he over dramatized his acting that it kind of felt awkward and unnatural. He was trying to sound old but it could’ve been better if he used the modern way of speaking. Ronnie Liang, the famous singer of ‘Ngiti,’ is such a charmer that I even questioned why Dorina would choose Nico over Liang’s character, Garry Diaz. I would just have to comment on Liang’s vocal performance because more than anyone, he is obviously the one most struggling on theater singing, being a pop singer has probably a lot to do with the reason why.
Compared to Rak of Aegis, Bituing Walang Ningning certainly has a bigger production but I would say that the former had better shots on making people react with its comedic edge and in which the latter tried to do but failed a few times. Nevertheless, that moment when Dorina first sang Bituing Walang Ningning with a gigantic white dress lit up by sparkling projected stars was seriously breathtaking. The huge screens as backdrops also made the entire production more interesting and appealing to one’s eyes.
The production also succeeded on reliving OPM classics of Filipino composer Willy Cruz like ‘Pangarap na Bituin,’ ‘Sana’y Maghintay ang Walang Hanggan,’ ‘Init sa Magdamag,’ ‘Kumusta ka,’ ‘ Magandang Gabi,’ ‘ and of course the titular song, ‘Bituing Walang Ningning.’ I barely knew some of these songs before, but after the show I actually found myself singing a few lines on repeat until I ended up searching for some of it online. Thankfully, Mr. Cruz’s songs were given justice. Truly, Filipinos are the best singers in the world.
Bituin Walang Ningning the Musical in the end did showcase not only the Filipino culture and identity but the world-class Filipino talent as well. For that, I would say that it is worth its 3 hour run. The leaders of the industry should get serious on investing in more high-concept entertainment like this that maintains or raise the bar of quality art forms and inspire better works to come.


Lider? BIG WORD!!! Yan yung gustong gusto mo nung grade one kaso nakuha ni klasmeyt na maputi with matching braids and headband kay yaya. Yan din yung hindi mo pa rin makuha nung grade four kasi hindi ka kasama sa highest sa math, sa honor roll, sa hallway drum roll o sa kahit anong nagsasabing matalino’t kilala ka. Siyempre yan din yung hindi mo talaga makukuha nung first year high school kasi new girl in town ka, yung tipong nasa gilid lang, napapanisan ng laway at madalas solo flight sa lunch. Pero yan yung sinabi mo sa sarili mo na kahit once gusto mo maranasan kaya nag-aral ka, kumayod, nagsunog ng kilay, buhok sa ilong, sa kili kili at kung ano ano pa kaya CHANCHARARAN! Naging lider din sa wakas!

Kaso nga lang yan yung hindi nagpatulog sayo ng ilang araw kasi feeling mo wala kang kwenta, mas karapatdapat si bestfriend kasi mas malakas loob niya. At yan yung sabi ni teacher na mabigat na pasanin mabigat pa kaysa sa school bag mong mukhang pang camping bag. Kaya dapat daw malakas ka kung gusto mo talaga. May tiwala ka sa sarili mo na sasabihin mong “When I accept that I can’t be perfect, that’s when it becomes lighter.” Kaya ngayon yan yung ginagawa mo na ng ilang taon at thank God consistent naman ang katamaran ng groupmates mo kaya sayo na inaasa ang lahat.

Yan yung sa tagal mo nang ginagawa, napagtanto mo na hindi yan yung inaabuso. Na kung nakakapagsalita lang yang salitang yan, sisigaw yan ng RAPE! Kasi hindi yan pinagsasamantalahan. Hindi yan yung nakatira ka sa Makati at mamimigay ka ng cake ngunit may kaakibat na nakaw (If you know what I mean). Hindi rin yan yung nagmumukhang tanga na yung mga kasamahan mong nag-rarally sa EDSA at natutulog sa kalsada habang ikaw ay naka-higa sa King size bed mo’t malayo na sa alapaap. Kaya hangga’t bata ka pa, ayaw mong tumulad sa kanila. Kaya nga pinagbubutihan mo palang sa ekswela ngayon di ba? Kasi yan yung isang maling galaw mo lang isisi na sayo kung ano man ang lumabas sa classcard nila. Kaya nga dumating din yung panahong gusto mo na palang bitawan kasi nga ikaw na lahat nag-abano, gumawa, tumapos, sana pala nag one man team ka na lang diba? Yan kasi talaga yung ikaw yung tatanggap ng lahat ng bad vibes ng bawat miyembro ng grupo. Yung tipong, napuyat daw sila kunwari o kaya’y nag-away daw sila ni mudra niya kaya di makakapunta sa life and death urgent meeting… so ikaw ngayon ang may kasalanan niyan?

Yan rin pala yung nagturo sayo magmura kasi ********* mo, ang tanga mo para magpagamit sa mga walang pangarap sa buhay. Tapos biglang nung sumigaw ka na sa bundok na “WALANG HIMALA!” Bigla namang dumating sa eksena yung tipo ng mga kasamahang masarap pamunuan. Kasi ramdam mo na hindi ka nag-iisa. Na ang lider pala ay hindi nag-iisa. Na kaya palang magtulungan. Na ang sarap pala maging lider kapag maayos din ang pinamumunuan. Kasi napagtanto mo na to make things work, hindi lang lahat nakaasa sayo. Lahat tayo, kayo, dapat pare-pareho, nakikisama, nakiki-elam, tumutulong, gumagalaw. Basta ang pagiging lider, yan yung nakuha mo, binitiwan mo, pero tulad ng pag-ibig, sa huli gustong maging forever mo basta paninindigan mo para sa mga tamang tao.